Your vehicle has hundreds of moving parts all working together. Through normal driving over time, some of these parts simply wear out or no longer perform the way they should.

To make sure that your vehicle is running at its best, your vehicle manufacturer recommends that certain parts and systems are checked at certain intervals. By following their recommendations, more costly repairs down the road may be avoided.

At All American Automotive & Tire, we follow your vehicle's manufacturer's recommendations. When a maintenance service is suggested based on the mileage or age of your vehicle, our auto care advisors will explain what each maintenance service includes and why it is important for the health of your vehicle.

Your vehicle manufacturer recommends services, inspections and part repairs at regularly scheduled intervals to keep your vehicle running as it should. At All American Automotive & Tire, we offer Maintenance Services that follow the schedule as recommended in your owner's manual.

Trust All American Automotive & Tire with your next 30k/60k/90k factory scheduled maintenance services.   To assure peak performance and that you get years of problem-free driving from your vehicle, the manufacturer has developed a scheduled maintenance schedule for your car and we can access that schedule for you.

Maintenance FAQ's

  • 1What is the difference between maintenance and repairs?


    Repairs are services that are required or necessary when something on your vehicle is not working properly. Also, when your vehicle has worn to the point where a replacement is required to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

    Maintenance is the routinely scheduled services, inspections and part replacements that your vehicle manufacturer recommends based on the age or mileage of your vehicle.

    The schedule for performing these maintenance services varies from vehicle to vehicle. You will find the schedule for your vehicle in your owner's manual. Following this schedule is the best way to make sure your vehicle is performing as it should.


  • 2When is it time for a tune-up?


    It may be time for a "tune-up" if you notice one or more of the conditions below when starting or driving your vehicle:

    • a decrease in gas mileage
    • a noticeable loss in power
    • your engine running "rough" or stalling when at a stop
    • engine "knocking" when accelerating or running-on after the ignition is turned off
    • your "Check Engine" or "Service Engine" light remaining on after initial start