Keep Dad Cool This Summer With A/C Service

June 6th, 2016

Nobody likes  driving around in a hot, stuffy car, and you know that Montgomery, AL is going to start getting pretty doggone hot before long. And Father's Day is Air Conditioning Repair in Montgomery ALright around the corner, too...why not go ahead and have the A/C serviced on his car before the temperatures start to climb? At Don Duncan's All American Auto and Tire Center, we're offering a $49.95 comprehensive A/C service special to get Dad's car ready for summer! 


The A/C system in your car works pretty much the same way as your refrigerator at home -- a gas is compressed into a liquid, and it then evaporates into a gas again, providing cooling as it evaporates. Your refrigerator, however, isn& ...[more]

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Springtime Auto Maintenance…Repair, Replace or Replenish?

April 13th, 2016
When the flowers start to bloom and the temperatures start to rise…that’s a great time to get some routine auto maintenance done.
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Your Auto Repair Shop – And You

August 28th, 2015
Auto Repair in Montgomery, ALWhat is it you’re looking for in any transaction? 
Chances are your expectations include honesty, communications, friendly customer service, quality work and a quick turnaround. Or to sum it up with one word…integrity. 
At Don Duncan’s All American Automotive & Tire, integrity is exactly what we deliver. We know that there are plenty of competitors out there, including the big-box auto repair chains where you may never see the same service advisor behind the counter twice. We also know there are plenty of auto repair shops that may not be “fly-by-night,” but they can be unscrupulous in the way they deal with customers, with hidden charges and attempts to up-sell on services and auto repai ...[more]
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Spring into Improved Auto Repair

March 16th, 2015

auto repair in Montgomery ALDrivers in Montgomery, AL looking to improve vehicle safety this fall, stop by Don Duncan's All American Auto and Tire for prompt and dependable auto repair that will keep your vehicle on the road this season. Servicing all makes, models and budgets, Don Duncan's All American Auto and Tire is eager to show customers how routine auto repair can provide drivers in Montgomery, AL both better handing and sounder peace of mind when traveling. Through simple auto repairs such as: brake repair, smog inspections and transmission repair, Don Duncan's All American Auto and Tire of Montgomery, AL can ensure any vehicle is prepared for seasonal changes and summer travel. Planning ahead with routine auto repairs from Don Duncan's All American Auto and Tire will guarantee both vehicle longevity and sustainability.

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