Don Duncan's All American Auto & Tire -- Super Dealer!

October 3rd, 2016
Guess who's a Bridgestone/Firestone Super Dealer? Don Duncan's All American Auto & Tire, that's who!
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The Michelin Defender – One of our Top Selling Tires!

January 4th, 2016


At Don Duncan’s All American Auto & Tire in Montgomery, AL, we’re proud to carry Michelin products, and one of our top sellers from Michelin is the Defender. Tires in Montgomery ALLet’s turn the spotlight on the Michelin Defender for a moment…

Michelin’s Defender Standard is an all-season touring tire that’s a perfect fit for sedans, minivans and crossovers. It offers great road manners, confident handling and long wear in a wide variety of weather and road conditions. The Defender is designed with Michelin’s Green-X technology for low rolling resistance and enhanced fuel economy.

·         Slightly asymmetric tread design f ...[more]

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Merry Christmas, Car!

December 10th, 2015

Sure, your car is a machine. An inanimate object. But when you rely on inanimate objects as much as we do our cars, it’s hard not to get attached to them and Auto Repair in Montgomery ALthink of them as (almost) family. With Christmas right around the corner, how about a little Christmas love for the family member out in the garage?

At Don Duncan’s All American Auto & Tire Centers in Montgomery, AL, we’d like to offer up a few suggestions:

·         Air filter: If your Christmas budget is stretched thin, an air filter’s a great idea for your car. The air filter prevents dust, pollen and other contaminants from entering your fuel system where they can cause damage, ...[more]

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Financing this Spring from Don Duncan All American Auto and Tire

March 31st, 2015
tires in Montgomery ALOffering the highest quality in auto repair and tires, Don Duncan All American Auto and Tire has proudly served Montgomery, AL for multiple generations. Providing personalized services and unbeatable customer service, Don Duncan All American Auto and Tire understands there is no preferable time for tire or vehicle malfunctions. For this reason, staff seeks to provide customers options for financing to achieve vehicle safety and dependability when needed. 
Whether you are establishing a new line of credit or using an existing account, Don Duncan All American Auto and Tire ensures financing for all vehicles is simple and accessible. Never delay necessary auto repair because funds are limited, Don Duncan All American Auto and Tire’s financing solutions take ...[more]
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Tire Safety Tips to Travel the Road Ahead

November 18th, 2014

tires Montgomery alWhen considering the most important safety of your vehicle, what features first come to mind? Perhaps airbags, or maybe seatbelts, but what about tires? Easily overlooked, tires are undoubtedly one of the most beneficial safety features of any vehicle. No matter where the road may lead, furnishing your vehicle with proper tires to combat various weather conditions and driving situation is imperative to vehicle safety. Whether you are coming to an abrupt stop, driving through a light drizzle or simply going home on the afternoon commute, having correctly maintained tires could prevent a completely avoidable tire or tread related accident!

Technicians of Don Duncan’s All American Auto and Tire understand the importance of servicing tires and maintaining road ready auto repair and tires. Management and technicians of Don ...[more]

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