Get The Most Out Of That Set Of Tires

January 28th, 2016
Your tires are a pretty big investment. Even with the cheapest set of tires, you’re going to be spending upwards of $400 on the tires, mounting, balancing, disposal fees and taxes. Since you laid down that kind of money, doesn’t it just make sense to make sure you get the most miles possible out of them? 
Here’s some advice on long tire life:
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Regularly check your tire pressure. This one is really, really important. Underinflated tires will wear 
unevenly and reduce your fuel economy due to increased rolling resistance. That increased rolling resistance also means more heat, which will break down the tires’ inter ...[more]
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Winter Safety Tips – Don’t End Up In the Ditch!

January 14th, 2016
Some people love winter. They love the snow, the snap in the air, the short days and cozy nights at home. Others can’t stand it, for many of the same reasons. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, though, chances are you’re going to have to get out and drive in it at some point. We’ve got a few suggestions to help you through the winter safely: 

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Make sure you’ve got a well-maintained car. This includes fresh windshield wipers, proper tire inflation, a strong battery, a properly-maintained cooling system and a fresh oil change. If your tires aren’t up to the job of winter driving, you might consider switching to winter tires for a while – just&nbs ...[more]
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The Michelin Defender – One of our Top Selling Tires!

January 4th, 2016


At Don Duncan’s All American Auto & Tire in Montgomery, AL, we’re proud to carry Michelin products, and one of our top sellers from Michelin is the Defender. Tires in Montgomery ALLet’s turn the spotlight on the Michelin Defender for a moment…

Michelin’s Defender Standard is an all-season touring tire that’s a perfect fit for sedans, minivans and crossovers. It offers great road manners, confident handling and long wear in a wide variety of weather and road conditions. The Defender is designed with Michelin’s Green-X technology for low rolling resistance and enhanced fuel economy.

·         Slightly asymmetric tread design f ...[more]

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