A Few Basic Spring Car Care Tips

May 4th, 2016
By the time the trees start to sprout new leaves and the flowers start to bloom, everyone’s pretty tired of winter and is ready to get out and start enjoying the Auto Repair in Birmingham AL beautiful spring weather. Could it be that you’re forgetting something, though?
Your car. 
It’s easy to take your car for granted, but winter weather is pretty hard on vehicles and spring is the perfect time to get some repairs and maintenance done. Things like:
  • Brakes: Brake pad material wears down very, very gradually and it can be hard to tell when your brakes are wearing down to a point of needing replacement. If you’re noticing longer stopping distances, strange noises or a “soft” brake pedal, though, it might be time to at least have them inspected. 
  • Wipers: Even the best wiper blades are only good for about a year before normal wear and the sun’s UV rays start to take their toll. If you’re noticing streaks on the windshield or your wipers’ rubber blades are chipped, cracked or losing strips, figure on replacing them before the weather gets bad. 
  • Tires: What kind of shape are your tires in? Even if they’ve got plenty of tread, they should be rotated every 5,000 miles. Which brings us to another point…
  • Oil: Conventional oil should be changed at a 5,000 mile interval (which coincides with tire rotations!), and synthetic oil at 10-12,000 miles. Can’t remember your last oil change? Clean oil should be honey colored and translucent. If your oil’s darker but still translucent, you can go a bit longer…but if it’s the color of black coffee, get it changed soon!
At Don Duncan’s All-American Tire and Auto in Birmingham, AL, we want you to be safe this spring! Make an appointment with us today at our Bell Road location and let us help you make sure your car’s good to go for the hot weather ahead. 
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