The Michelin Defender – One of our Top Selling Tires!

January 4th, 2016


At Don Duncan’s All American Auto & Tire in Montgomery, AL, we’re proud to carry Michelin products, and one of our top sellers from Michelin is the Defender. Tires in Montgomery ALLet’s turn the spotlight on the Michelin Defender for a moment…

Michelin’s Defender Standard is an all-season touring tire that’s a perfect fit for sedans, minivans and crossovers. It offers great road manners, confident handling and long wear in a wide variety of weather and road conditions. The Defender is designed with Michelin’s Green-X technology for low rolling resistance and enhanced fuel economy.

·         Slightly asymmetric tread design for traction and low noise

·         Silica-based all-season tread compound offers long wear

·         Michelin’s innovative IntelliSipe Technology offers a dense pattern of sipes for additional biting edges for traction in rain and light snow

·         Four circumferential and hundreds of lateral grooves evacuate water from the tire footprint, helping to prevent hydroplaning

·         Twin steel belts and a polyester cord body for long wear and stable construction

Michelin’s Green X technology is part of their commitment to the environment. Green X tires are designed for lower weight and a stronger internal structure, reducing rolling resistance and energy consumption. The Defender also utilizes Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction, which optimizes and distributes the stresses at the tire’s contact patch for stable handling and even wear.

Michelin has so much confidence in the Defender Standard that they back it with a 90,000 mile warranty…which is a good 20,000 miles more than most competitors and is practically unheard-of for a treadwear warranty.

At Don Duncan’s All-American Auto & Tire Centers in Montgomery, AL, we stock the Michelin Defender along with a wide selection of tires from other top brands like Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Pirelli and Dunlop. Make an appointment with us and let us make you the best price on a set of Michelin Defender tires for your car, minivan or crossover! 

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